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Op 05/10/2020 nemen wij afscheid van:

Arlindo Dias Maia

Geboren te Marco de Canaveses - Portugal op 19 februari 1973 en overleden te Gent op 30 september 2020. - De crematie zal in besloten kring plaatsvinden. - DIT BERICHT ALS ENIGE BEKENDMAKING


Naam: Blomme Patrick
He mia. Je bent een groot verlies.Je zal altijd in mijn gedachten blijven. Vaarwel en tot ziens in het hiernamaals.
Naam: Carine Rombaut
Dear family, I would like to express my deepest condolence for the loss of your father, brother, son. It is terrible that he had to leave us so early. I have known him as a great colleague at our BP site always ready to help but I will remember him also as a very wise men with lot's of knowledge about life. I really enjoyed listening to his wise words. We will certainly miss him in our plant.
Naam: bart piers
my condolence to family and friends with this loss! will remember Arlindo as a person with a positive attitude and in for a good laugh even though life has not always been kind to him. Nevertheless that never led him down and was always keeping his head up and certain to fight back! his presence and support on our site has not been unnoticed. unfortunately this terrible disease had to hit him! I wish you all lots of strenght with this loss
best regards
Bart and Charlotte
Naam: Steven Vanderstraeten
Dear family,

Sincere condolences with this loss. Wish you a lot of courage in these difficult times.

Naam: Timon Hogenaar
Dear family,

My sincere condolences with this loss. I am really sorry to hear about his passing. Wishing you and his friends a lot of strength, I will miss his presence and always bright and cheerful attitude.

Kind regards,

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